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DIY CNC Pressure Foot Clamping Hold Down System for CNC

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BT 30 BT40 Precision ER Tool Holders for CNC Machines
BT30-ER32 Tool Holders, BT40 ER Toolholders

Like CAT Tooling, BT Tooling comes in a range of sizes designated as BT 30, BT 40, BT 50, etc. and uses the same NMTB body taper as CAT 40. BT tooling is symmetrical about the spindle axis, which CAT tooling is not. This gives BT tooling greater stability and balance at high speeds. BT Tool Holders will accept both Imperial and metric sized tools. BT Tooling looks very similar and can easily be confused with CAT tooling. The difference between CAT and BT is the flange style, thickness, and the thread for the pull stud is a different size. BT Tool Holders use Metric thread pull studs (retention knobs).

BT 30 Tapping Tool Holders Features:
Balanced to 25,000 RPM  G2.5 
Inspection report included for accuracy and balance 
Includes Collet Nut
Includes Retention Knobs for CNC Routers (Retention knobs make the important connection between the spindle and the tool holder)
Tool holder forks: BT30 BT40
BT-30 tapper tool holder for your vertical machining center, cnc milling machine, cnc routers. 
Spring ER Collet Chuck CNC Milling Toolholder Clamping End Mills

BT Tool Holders:
Taper BT30, Collet size: ER32, Length: 60mm
ISO standard size with good quality.
Collet Chuck accepts all ER32 collets
Works on all BT 30 machine
Material is 1065 Carbon Steel
Hardened & Precision Ground
BT30 Tool Holder Cone with Pull Post and Collet Nut
Total weight: 0.8 kg

Taper BT40, Collet size: ER32, Length: 70mm
Machine tool spindle interface: BT40


Also we can supply you HSK63F, ISO15, ISO20-ER16/20, ISO30, NBT30 tool holders, etc.


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