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Black BT30 Tool Grippers CNC Tool Holder Fork for CNC Router

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BT30 CNC Tool Finger Plastic Holding Tools Magazine Holder

BT30 Plsatic Holding Tool Replacing Finger

This plastic holding tool is the BT30 cnc tool finger. It works with cnc tool magazine for clamping BT30 toolholders. It is widely used on cnc router machines like Laguna Smart Shop 2 with liquid cooling ATC, and cnc milling machine tool magazine like SUN.

BT30 CNC Tool Fingers are available in stock for quick delivery.

Rico CNC can supply with a range of cnc spare parts, such as ISO30 toolholder and clips, HSK63F collet chucks and grippers, BT30 tool holders, BT40 forks, 3d scanners, cnc cutter bits, etc.

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