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Leadshine DMA860H 7.2A Stepper Motor Driver for CNC Routers

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Leadshine DMA860H 7.2A Stepper Motor Driver for Stepping Motor CNC Machine Driving

Leadshine DMA860H is the new vision of MA860H, these two models are replaceable. DMA860H cnc driver is stepper motor driver widely used in CNC router machine, CNC laser machine etc. 

Package Includes:
1 x DMA860H Stepping Motor Driver

DMA860H Step Motor Driver Applications:
Suitable for many kinds of mid-size and small size automation device and facilities, such as: engraving machine, marking machine, cutting machine, laser photo-typesetting, graphic plotter, numerical control machine and auto assembly equipment etc. Its unique features make the DM860H an ideal solution for applications that require high-speed and little noise

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